Work Experience Week at the Museum

Hello, my name is Gabriella, and I’ve just undertaken some work experience at the museum.

My week at the Museum has been a week that I will remember for a long time, not only for the Tudor music CD on repeat but for the people I have met and the experiences I have had. The volunteers and staff have been welcoming and a pleasure to work with.

Not really knowing what to expect from my week, I was surprised when my first task was to buy art supplies for an upcoming event. I was delighted as I have some experience in spending money and enjoy it. The money was soon spent and the day had come to an end. At the end of the first day all my nerves which had been there in the morning had disappeared by the friendly nature of the staff.

On Wednesday a group of 45 people came to visit the museum, as this was a lot of people a lot of help was needed. The volunteers were friendly and easy to work with, helping me whenever I needed it. I got the chance to talk to the visitors and see what they enjoyed about the museum and their opinions on the different sections of their visit.

I attended a meeting with a local primary school head teacher about an upcoming project the day after. At first I was nervous about how to act in a meeting, however I soon settled in. The enthusiasm surrounding the project was exciting and the ideas for the project sounded fantastic and I wish the museum and the school luck with this project and the brilliant ideas within the project.

On my last day I was to help prepare for the museum’s Elizabethan party by making labels for herbs and organising the music for the event.

I would like to thank the Curator of the museum, Cristina Harrison and the volunteers for an enjoyable week and an unforgettable experience at the museum.

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